All about Currency inDragon Mania Legends!


Currency plays a pivotal role not only inDragon Mania Legends but also in every game. Diamond is the most valuable currency in the game, whereas coins and gold are also important. With the help of these resources, players can buy everything in the game and easily upgrade their any items.

However, we commonly have seen, every player wants to make success in Dragon Mania Legends, and everyone asked the only same question that, how to get unlimited resources, if you are also one among them, then I will help you. Gamers can easily get unlimited currency without putting any effort or doing anything, and then they can use Dragon Mania Legends Mod 2020 without spending their real money.

Methods of earnings Diamonds and coins inDragon Mania Legends!

With the help of coins and diamonds, players can easily survive in the game or buy anything. Let’s discuss how to earn it.

1. How to Get Free Diamonds inDragon Mania Legends Hack?

When you will level up or have a successful fishing trip, then you get a few diamonds. If players connect their Facebook account withDragon Mania Legends, then they can also take some free diamonds. In details,

  • Get five diamonds by using theDragon Mania Legends with Facebook account
  • Get1 Diamond from following the game on Facebook

2. How To Get Free Coins inDragon Mania Legends?

It is the important currency of the game, and it can be used to purchase almost every item in the game. If you want to take unlimited resources for doing anything, then you can useDragon Mania Legends Hack without using coins and other currency. Coins can be earned in different ways.

  •    Get coins by completing boat, truck, and town orders.
  • Get Coins randomly by mystery boxes.