Hungry Shark Evolution: Let’s Check About Sharks And How Many Are They?

Sharks are the more dangerous creature on the earth, and they are the kind of water, and the sea is their kingdom. Hungry shark evolution is a game based on sharks and sea life. How sharks live in the sea and what they do to live and survive and what they can do. The game has many amazing concepts too that makes the game playing more and know about it more. The game contains so many sharks and more other sea creatures, and we will see all those in the game and explore about them.

Dangerous Sharks Among All Other Creatures 

The game is totally based on sharks life and their survival. There are more than ten sharks available in the game, and only one shark is unlocked at the beginning of the game, others are all locked. Let’s know how many Hungry sharks evolution and what is their name.

·         Reef Shark – It is the first shark of the game, and it has a small diet.

·         Marko Shark – It’s a mediocre shark, and it has a bigger diet, and it takes 1500 coins to unlock.

·         Hammerhead shark – It is decent shark species with medium diet, and it takes 6000 coins to unlock.

·         Tiger shark – One of the dangerous Sharks among all other sharks. It is unlocked by 15000 coins.

·         Great white shark – The best shark with a good diet. It is unlocked by 35000 coins.