Incredible Vegan Documentaries That Will Change Your Mind


Whenever it is talked about getting something inspirational for going vegan, there is nothing more eye-opening than vegan documentaries. These documentaries have been doing this for decades. It helps people giving amoral support to be vegan. These are influential films showing you how gong vegan can bring a change in society and can go against animal cruelty. So get some popcorn and be ready to get your mind blown.

The best vegan documentaries of all time are given below.

  1. Earthlings

The number 1 on the list of best vegan documentaries is none other than the incredible earthlings. This movie uses hidden cameras to make the film look realistic and to expose the harsh living conditions of the animals around the world.

  1. Unity (2015)

Directed by Shaun Monson, the incredible documentary had gone under the skin of whoever watched it.  It goes around asking a question about that after thousands of years of existence on this earth, we still can’t learn to get along with each other? This is the thing that got it on number two in the list of best vegan documentaries of all time.

  1. Speciesism: the movie (2013)

This vegan documentary has got on number three in our list. It is the journey of the director himself in the film who decides to explore a factory farm in the middle of nowhere. In the film Mark, the director, interviews several farm owners to get out of them what goes on behind those closed doors.

These documentaries are going to get under your skin, and these are quite interesting once you start watching them. You should wonder why these three got on the top despite there are many of them. Well, watch them yourself and discover.